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I used to roam the virtual hallways of Fashion Spot to try and steal a drop of inspiration from the likes of Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington Whitely, but now I find I’m stalking my girl crushes of instagram for my daily dose of outfit and beauty inspiration.

@eswhoo Esther Houston – The wife of a pastor rockstar (yes that’s a real thing apparently) this NYC based Brazilian beauty posts selfies galore including her adorable five month old son Zi. Insta videos of her dancing around in yoga pants with the most perfect Gisele-esque hair ever will have you reaching for the phone to dial your hairdresser (guilty). Her outfits are always perfection and she is currently my ultimate instagram girl crush.

@ariadneartiles Ariadne Artiles – Spanish supermodel Ariadne posts behind the scenes shots of fashion campaigns and beach getaways. Expect a lot of holiday and hair envy as well as possibly the most gorgeous year round golden tan. Always seems to have really cool and eclectic jewellery going on.

@lenaperminova Elena Perminova – Wife of Russian heavyweight Lebedev and frequent FROW-er, this Russian it girls instagram reads better than a copy of Paris Vogue. Never in one city for longer than a week expect all the fashion month action from this blonde bombshell. Some of the best #ootd’s I’ve ever seen. Follow follow follow!

@miraduma Miroslava Duma – Mira and Lena are BFFs so they kind of come as a package deal on instagram. This chocolate haired teeny tiny beauty live posts everything from sitting front frow at a  Chanel couture show to her Christmas family hols in St Barths. Seems to have the messy dark brown bob DOWN and like the rest, always has a super glowy year round tan.

Next up I’ll be doing the ‘editors of Instagram’ and then after that I’ll do my favourite beauty bloggers of instagram.



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