Multiple day weddings/events – survival.



So we’ve all been there. Have over indulged a little too much, had a bit of a late night and the next day need to get ready to do it all over again. It may not be typically ‘party season’ but the amount of weddings that stretch over two, three or even four days are becoming more common place. Now, obviously Indian weddings are known for being lengthy, so they’re the prime culprit, but it has become a lot more common.

Here’s the situation, went out last night – had a blast, now don’t feel or look too great and we have the next ‘event’ of the wedding starting in just a few hours. What to do? Here’s a fail safe.

Take an alka seltzer and eat a delicious breakfast (I’m opting for gluten and dairy free pancakes with blueberries and a Detox tea). Wash your face using a nourishing cleanser, I usually save balms for evenings but today I’ll be using it to add a little glow back into my complexion, I’ll then skip my usual day cream and opt for Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream to really give my skin a gorgeous “went to bed at 8pm” kick of glow.

Go for a quick blast of fresh air, nothing brightens and wakes up the complexion and eyes as well as good old fashioned fresh air does. Luckily, I don’t suffer from puffy eyes so I usually skip this step, but if you do suffer then place two spoons in the fridge for half an hour then fest them on your eyes – it depuffs and cools like no other fancy pants cream could ever do.  Sip on water throughout the day – don’t glug it down, sipping is better for your digestion.

Next up, shower – chances are you did your hair for last night, use the fact that there’s still a little product in it and make it work for you – chances are it will look a little sexier than it did the night before. Don’t wash – just add something like a texturizing spray like the Bumble Dryspun finish. For makeup concentrate on enhancing the glow factor – highlighter is your best friend – I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about it but I swear that Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow has some black magic involved – life saver. Use cream everything – powders will just make you look more tired, creamy foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks – the works. I personally love the Kiko long lasting shadow sticks – easy to manoeuvre and involve minimal fuss. If all else fails, ditch the eye makeup altogether and distract with a pop of bright lip colour- Daniel Sandler’s Marilyn is just about the cheeriest lipstick shade on the planet so will not only make you look well rested and glamorous but also boost your spirits. Ok….day two – let’s do this!



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