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If you’re a regular reader and/or subscriber to my YouTube channel, you’ll know that when I was in New York in May I visited Bite Beauty and made my own custom lipstick.

Well it seems that I truly caught the Bite Beauty bug, because when Amelia was wearing a cool toned, slightly mauvey nude lip colour a couple of weeks ago I immediately demanded what it was, when she said it was Bite I then immediately asked her to buy me one when she was in LA for vidcon. Last week she brought it back and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a dual ended mini lipstick that’s so teensy it fits in your makeup bag without taking up any space. One end has a slightly lighter colour than the other so that you can play around and create a fuller looking lip, or you can just mesh them both in together to create the perfect nude. I find it works really well with bronzed skin and a slightly taupey/lilacy eye like fatal. It’s kind of sheeny which gives it a lovely gloss like finish and, as with all Bite products if you do accidentally lick your lips, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to taste a really rather tasty super sweet taste.. Ok, maybe it’s just me who wants to eat this lipstick?

Anywho, it’s around the $13 mark and is definitely one worth checking out if you’re in the states or planning a Sephora delivery soon!

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo Lychee and Musk available here



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