Sunday Stuff #22 Foundation First Love



My first ever ‘favourite’ foundation was MAC Face and Body, the coverage; buildable, the glow; unlike any other and it doesn’t go greasy on the t zone. It smells delicious and is a pleasure to apply without any faff of brushes.

Why oh why did I forget this? Mainly because it doesn’t have an SPF in, meaning that I’d have to add an extra layer of SPF underneath for day time wear – but for evening holiday wear it’s the perfect foundation. It doesn’t cover skin too much, it looks divine and is ideal for layering. What I mean by this is that other makeup sits really beautifully on top – blusher, highlighter, bronzer – you name it!

I’m going to give my old bottle (it’s 3 years old eeeeek!!) a go today for filming some videos and I’m most definitely going to pick up a brand new one before heading on holiday on Wednesday to keep me dancing all night until the sun comes up. Expect an updated review and holiday makeup post winging its way to you soon!

What was your first foundation love?

P.S I’m shade C4 in Mac Face & Body



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