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So if you’ve seen my latest vlog you’ll know that Amelia and I went to Bite Beauty Lab in New York to make our own custom lipstick, we also brought along our less beauty enthusiastic sisters Hannah and Lily along, and you know what? Even they were overly excited by the whole experience. You see, for beauty lovers this is a pretty special occurrence, but even for non beauty junkies it’s just as special. Lipstick is without a doubt one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine (asides from concealer – I just love seeing those blemishes being swept away), and I couldn’t wait to recreate one of my favourite old lipsticks that I bought in Paris a few years ago and haven’t been able to find since. It was Mavala Sensual Pink, and as you can see I wore it right down to the end! Here’s how it goes at Bite Beauty Lab;

You start off with a nice thick layer of Bite’s agave lip masque so that your lips are protected from any of the raw pigments, and you then see the different finishes of the lipstick (four in total including sheer, luminous creme, matte and a super fancy nancy one that I can’t remember but is $10 more expensive than the others). We all went for luminous creme as it was in between sheer and matte and was super moisturising. Next you discuss what kind of shade you’re after, for Amelia and I this part was easy as we’d bought along a point of reference (Amelia bought along the Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Lucky that she wanted in lipstick form), however, even for our sisters who didn’t bring anything along with them, they still ended up with the most stunning colours, simply by describing what it was that they were after, our lovely lady Bridget whisked up our colours with the ease of an artist, mixing pure pigments together to create the most stunning shades. Next, you go and choose a scent to add to your lipstick – I opted for Vanilla, and Lily opted for rose as her lip colour was a gorgeous sultry rosey pink. Then you can choose the lipstick lid, I chose the super ergonomically friendly one where you can sit your thumb on top. Whilst you’re choosing all the final details your lipstick is being made up and frozen and then put into the bullet and voila – your own custom lipstick in no time at all! All of that for $38 which is only a teensy bit more expensive than a MAC lipstick, and definitely cheaper than some of the more luxe high end offerings.

The super talented Bridget managed to get all of our colours spot on on the first try, and I couldn’t get over how similar (and even better) mine was to my old French Pharmacy favourite.

In fact, I’ve been so obsessed with my lip colour that I’m trying to stop myself from wearing it too often. However, what’s brilliant is, if you do want another one (I might have to ask a lovely US based friend!) you can simply send them the formula that they used as they write it all down for you – genius!

Visit Bite Beauty Lab here – 174 Prince Street, 174 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, United States
+1 646-484-6111

If there’s more than two of you, I’d recommend booking in advance! P.S this would make a super hen/bacholerette party.


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