Leather and Stripes-Get Rosie’s Airport Look.


We see a lot of Rosie thanks to the sidebar of shame (you know what I’m talking about) her gym and ‘sauntering around LA with a green juice’ looks are pretty well documented and she never looks like she’s wearing an outfit for the sake of a trend. Everything seems quite natural and well put together, however the airport is where she truly excels in off-duty model style. Victoria Beckham used to be the queen bee of airport style but I think it’s fare to say that the baton has well and truly been passed to this Devon beauty. Two parts glamour to one part comfort seems to be the ratio that suits Rosie best and why would she ever change it? It works.  The leather trousers coupled with the tan suede booties, maroon fedora, breton stripes and not to mention the dove grey Saint Laurent Paris tote (gorgeous) make a relaxed yet glamorous outfit with all the different colours and textures working really well together despite their differences. It helps that her hair length isn’t too long and her shade of blonde is juust right, paired with some oversized sunglasses and voila. Chic, comfortable (well I don’t know about the leather, I’m hoping for her sake that she has a nice comfy pair of Victoria’s Secret pyjama bottoms in her tote for the flight) and just enough glamour without looking OTT. I would say though, that unless you have a bottom like Rosie’s, I’d go for a slightly longer version of the top seen above like the one I’ve found below, just to make the look more workable for day-to-day. You could also swap the leather completely for a pair of skinny black jeans to soften the effect. Same cool girl approach, less full throttle leather.

Get Rosie’s look from the High Street online:

Similar top from H&M here

Similar trousers from H&M here

Similar bag from River Island here

Similar hat from Topshop here

Similar boots from Topshop here

Now all you need is a first class ticket, some cool-girl ‘flat but voluminous but texturised hair’ (this  should help you achieve that ‘undone’ but ‘done’ look)  and there you have it, laid back model off duty airport style with a hint of Summer and a little edge. Simple!

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!





  1. April 27, 2013 / 7:39 am

    The purple is very becoming — and surprisingly “office-worthy.” I say “surprisingly” because although I *love* purple, it’s hard to find purple apparel that is subdued enough to wear in a work (or interview) setting.

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