It’s all about the blow-dry. Sarah-Louise Okin, Daniel Hersheson.

sarahlouiseokinDaniel Hersheson is one of those rare salons that can do both young/cool/catwalk trends and full on classic glamour. Want a blow out like Kate Middleton with a dash of 90s supermodel? Sure. Want to look like you’re en route to Coachella, complete with messy braids and separated ends? Done. It’s just one of those places that seems to get it right, and knows what’s right for you and your hair. The other week I went to Sarah-Louise Okin for a blowdry, Sarah-Louise has been dubbed by Vogue as one of London’s top five blow-dryers; “her reputation is for style combined with speed- Vogue credits her with a 20 minute blow dry but testing her out this week we were in and out of her chair, glossed and complete, in just six minutes and 32 seconds. Supersonically impressive.”. Indeed, I was in a rush and Sarah-Louise tonged my whole head (of loooong hair) in around 15 minutes. I had such a lovely chat with her that I was surprised it was all over so soon, so I grabbed her email address to pick her brains on some of the most pressing hair questions for you!

What would you say is the key to making a blow dry last?
The key to making a blowdry last is heat and setting. When hair is really hit you can make it do anything! If you let it’s cool into that shape it will always last!2) What’s the one hair product that you can’t live without?
What’s the one hair product you couldn’t live without?
I couldn’t live without loreal tec ni arts  ‘Pli’ it’s like an old school setting spray but alot lighter and I use it on everyone for everything.
 What’s a quick way to update your hair for Spring/Summer?
A quick way to update your look is grab some Hershesons tongs and put a bit of natural wave and bend in your hair.
Which celebrities do you think have the best locks at the moment?
My celeb with the best locks is drew Barrymore, I love her colours and the texture of her hair, she’s my hair crush.
My blow dry- finished product 🙂 
Hope you all have a gorgeous Tuesday- it’s sunny and warm woohoo!
For more info on Daniel Hersheson, and to book in with Sarah-Louise click here

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