Jo Malone’s Sexiest Fragrance Yet


As you know I’m a huge fan of Jo Malone as a brand – their bath products, their fragrance and their candles (the candle addiction is real – Green Tomato Leaf is everything a home scent should be and more) and I’ve dithered around trying a multitude of combinations of scents (I wore Vanilla Anise and Orange Blossom on my wedding day) and I’ve long been a fan of their cologne intense range as the lasting power and strength of the perfume is outstanding. A few weeks ago when I received their latest release of Myrhh and Tonka I left it in the box for a few days – I  was recovering from my Christmas flu and I couldn’t smell properly and the name Myrhh sounded too biblically festive for the 5th January. However I opened this last week and was blown away, this is Jo Malone’s sexiest scent ever but it isn’t too pungent as to induce a headache. It’s airy and feminine but deep and mysterious and two sprays literally lasts all day and it doesn’t feel too overpowering to waft into a morning meeting wearing a subtle spritz at the wrist.

RRP £74.00 available now!


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