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I once read a passage of Alexa Chung’s book ‘It’ in the Christmas break of 2013 (it actually only took me around 45 minutes to read the book cover to cover but we’ll gloss over that) that read “I think that blondes travel better than brunettes, they always look amazing coming off a plane”. That stuck with me as I pondered if she was right or not. Since then looking good whilst on a plane and coming off has taken more importance than it had prior to reading that statement and I think I’ve finally come up with how to travel well if you’re blonde/brunette/red head/blue or whatever!

Here are the fail safe rules:

Get a professional blow dry or do an amazing blow dry on yourself the night before you travel with lots and lots of volume and waves. You may look like a 1980s pop sensation initially but by the next day your hair will look fantastic. Even the most buoyant of hair flattens on a plane and gets prone to static frizz. Keep some hand cream on hand to smooth over any fly aways just in case. I usually do my blow dry myself using Babyliss big hair, a back comb at the root and my Diva hair tongs but on Thursday I went into Clo & Flo in South Kensington for a quick blow dry with extra oomph. My hair not only looked good on the flight the next day but it also stayed looking good for the whole of the wedding I went to on Saturday! Keep a tangle teezer on hand to give hair a once over before getting off the plane, they add mega shine.

Stay Away from Matte Makeup, matte makeup is my favourite don’t get me wrong, but on a flight it’s best to opt for moisturising and glow giving products and only powder down the super shiny parts. I always wear Oxygenetix breathable foundation whilst flying as it’s incredibly gentle and hydrating, non pore blocking and yet has amazing coverage, it’s the next best step if you’re not willing to take your makeup off. Ditch the matte lips for a hydrating tinted lip balm like Maybelline Baby Lips or Fresh Sugar balms (my favourite shades are Rose, Honey and Berry).

Keep your outfit simple, comfortable yet just glamorous enough. I like flying in comfortable jeans (unless the flight is 4 hours + in which case I’ll change into a tracksuit on the plane) and a long sleeved top, I’m currently obsessed with the Boohoo Lydia Lattice tops as they are super soft yet incredibly glamorous. Carry an extra layer in your carry on as planes are notoriously chilly!

What are some of your tips for looking good whilst travelling?



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