A City Fragrance


Whilst packing for my current stay in Moscow Russia I couldn’t decide which perfume to pack. Both my travalos were already filled with scent (Serge Lutens in one and a gorgeous heady scent from Dubai in the other) but neither seemed right. I love the idea of starting a new fragrance on a trip as it will always bring back memories.

I had just been at the Tom Ford A/W beauty press day and received the new fragrance – Tom Ford Noir out in August – which I had initially deemed to heavy for a May/June week away, however just as I was zipping up my suitcase I thought I’d throw it in. Since touching down in Russia I have not been able to stop wearing it. It’s got deep notes that linger on the skin and then lighter ones such as kulfi (an Indian desert – ice cream) to even it out. The tone of the scent works perfectly with a city like Moscow that is equally dark and heavy with its socialist past still present in architecture and culture and its new free future still uncertain and fresh. You can have a chuckle here, me trying to bring politics into a fragrance review, but this isn’t some blogger/PR spiel, this is genuinely how I feel about the fragrance. It really resonates and smells bloody good too.

For the day it lasts on the skin beautifully and in the evenings I spritz on a little more and feel like it complements the Moscow Summer evenings perfectly. Moscow/London/New York/Paris – wherever you are this is most certainly a city fragrance, and one that I’m certain is going to become a classic pretty quickly – it’s ridiculously moreish -floral and smokey and sweet in equal measure. If you found Black Orchid and Violet Blonde a little too potent but still liked the headier feel then this one is for you!


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