Guest Post- Ayesha from Miss Tinks Beauty

Today is something slightly different…my good friend Ayesha from Miss Tinks Beauty has kindly done a guest post on her three summer must haves- over to you Ayesha!

My three summer must haves was a very difficult edit to pick. Top ten would have probably been a lot easier, but I like the fact only choosing three products made me put my thinking cap on and deliberate for a few hours. My skin is constantly changing so I do tend to change my products from time to time and the lovely weather we’ve been having in the UK definitely means change to adapt to the heat.

I tend to find that as the Sun over looks London everyone and everything comes alive. Team the sun with a few cheeky cocktails and I find I’ve been having one too many late nights. Can I really be bothered to get to the sink and use my normal cleanser??? No, far to tired and can’t really walk in a straight line. So my go to product is the L’oreal 3 in 1 Micellar Soloution. I’m sure you’ve heard about this product on numerous blogs. Quick and easy, removes my make up and doesn’t irritate my skin. I keep this is the fridge so it’s really cooling and I use this on late nights to double cleanse and in the morning to remove any oil or dirt that’s built up on the skin thought the night.

l'oreal micellar

I also find that in hotter weather my make up has to change. I use far less and longer lasting products. Make up was the hardest category for me to choose just one product. I ended up going with the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. This is a light apricot tinted liquid that is a dream to smooth onto the skin and doesn’t feel loaded with silicone. As soon as you apply it to the skin it adds a slight glow without a trace of shimmer or glitter in sight. Dewy Skin is something me all lust over, I certainly do more so in the summer. This primer really helps smooth out any imperfections, keep excess sebum at bay and keep my make up in place.


The final product is a rather recent discovery. I needed sunscreen when I went to Thorpe Park last weekend and I gravitated towards the Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist 50. It’s an aerosol, which makes it very convenient and enables you to get to all those difficult places, invisible, which is great for darker skin tones, I always find most sunscreen leave a white residue and such a great price point. It feels nice and cooling on the skin like the name suggests, absorbs quickly and didn’t leave an oil residue. It has UVA and UVB protection and is also water resistant. Over all this product gets a big thumbs up and did the trick.



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