Bold Brows- Suqqu eyebrow pen




A few months ago celebrity make up artist and family friend Daniel Sandler asked me to model for him for Brides magazine and for UMA expo make up show. He obviously used his amazing make up line on me, but he also used an eyebrow pen by Japanese makeup brand Suqqu on me on both occasions. And both times I went out for dinner with my make up on and noticed that my brows looked not just bolder but more defined, especially in flash photography. Having only just recently purchased the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (note to brands- please shorten product names for all of us beauty bloggers!) I wasn’t in the market for a new brow product, and I soon forgot about the magic pen that gave me Cheryl Cole’s eyebrows. That was until I was browsing around Selfridges the other day and noticed Suqqu had set up shop. Over excited I hurried over, asked for some make up remover- removed my Hourglass made up brows and started from scratch with the Suqqu pen in the shade brown. My brows seriously popped in a very natural way! The nib of the pen is so fine, that you can create really fine real hair like strokes on your brows to create a fuller and more defined result. A little more dramatic than the Hourglass pencil (which is perfect for every day use) I think the Suqqu pen is best paired with a smokey eye for evening make up, but it works a treat with my newly re-dyed chocolate brown hair. Every time I caught sight of them in shop mirrors after I really noticed a difference and felt more angular if that’s possible?



Anyway, I’m totally in love and for £20 it’s not ridiculously expensive, Suqqu is only available exclusively at Selfridges in the UK but you can buy online here. The moss green shade is perfect for those with really really dark hair and features, where as the brown is more universal for pretty much anyone and you can control how dark you make your brows yourself.


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