The King of Concealers



The purchase I thought would be the most unnecessary turned out to be my surprise favourite. Whilst in Sephora I debated the need for yet another concealer when my concealer draw at home is spilling over with practically unused ones from every type of consistency from sherry and light enhancing to thick tar like full coverage, yet still I was drawn into the Makeup Forever stand and had the Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer in my hands within seconds, and couldn’t seem to put it down.

I tried it on later that same evening to spruce up my base before going out for dinner (instead of the whole taking off foundation and reapplying *yawns*) and I was amazed at how well it it blended over old makeup and totally covered up any old spot scars and pigmentation where my morning’s base had scarpered. I tried it again the next day on a blank canvas and once again found it to a treat. I even used a teensy amount under my eyes to banish black circles. I love that it’s full coverage but not gunky like the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. It is thick but easily blend able if you move quickly. All in all it’s the latest staple in my stash and all other concealers are going to be neglected for the foreseeable future. A true must buy if you’re near a makeup forever stand soon!


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