Shopping my Wardrobe

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You no that Drake song that goes “no new friends, no new friends, no no no”, well I feel like I should be singing “no new clothes, no new clothes, no no no”. Today’s post is all about shopping your wardrobe (and those belonging to your nearest and dearest).

Over the weekend I wore two outfits that consisted entirely of old items that I hadn’t worn in a while, and paired with some old items pulled from my madre’s wardrobe.

On Saturday I opted for a relaxed ensemble, I wasn’t cruising the LFW circuit so felt I could be a little more comfy and relaxed. I paired my Maje jeans/leggings (over 1 year old), with a Topshop jumper (over 3 years old), faux fur Topshop jacket (over 2 years old), H&M boots (3 years+) and my mum’s gorgeous Stella McCartney bag (2 years +). The funny thing is though, that all together the look felt totally new and fresh, as I hadn’t worn those items together before.


The next day, the weather was slightly milder, but much much damper. I decided to pair my Topshop Leigh jeans with a cute Topshop cream jumper, the same H&M biker ankle boots and a trench coat that I bought from Missguided over two years ago for around £29.00. I finished the look off with my Celine tote (it will be 3 this May). I love playing around with my clothes, and rediscovering old loves. As a lot of what I buy is high street, it’s sometimes difficult as pieces show wear and tear easily, however, if you shop sensibly, you’ll find some timeless pieces that age beautifully!

Happy Monday!


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