Astrid & Miyu – Latest Obsession

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I love finding unique jewellery brands that wont break the bank, but also aren’t ridiculously cheap that you worry about your fingers going green. I think that those brands are the ones that excite me the most, the ones that I make a mental note of for future Christmas and birthday presents for friends and family, so I was thrilled when I discovered Astrid & Miyu last week.

Their jewellery is absolutely stunning and those who are already familiar with it agree – the intricacy and individuality of their designs are what sets them apart. I especially love their selection of midi rings and necklaces and that all of their pieces can be layered and worn at once without looking too matchy matchy. My current favourites are their bewitched double ring in gunmetal and their tangled moon midi ring in rose gold which clash beautifully when worn next to each other.

The brand is 100% one to check out for Christmas presents or maybe a present for yourself 😉


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