Travalo -Late to the Party

Optimized-travalo2 Optimized-travalo

How did I leave it so long before investing in a Travalo? I feel like such a fool lugging around big glass bottles of perfumes now. For those even less in the know than me, a Travalo is a portable mini perfume vile that you decant your favourite scents in to. It could not be easier to use – you simply unscrew the spray bit of your favourite perfume, put the Travalo on top and pump it up and down until it’s either full or your desired amount. I currently have one of my favourite perfumes in (Laya from Dubai sadly can’t find it here) but I fully intend on buying two  or three more to decant my two favourite Jo Malone scents (also my wedding perfumes) for spritzing on the go. If you don’t already have one – you need one ASAP, especially with Christmas party season about to kick off!

I payed £12.00 for it but I’ve found it here for just £6.99!



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