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Philip Kingsley is one of the most famous trichologists in the world and has a plethora of highly revered hair care products to tackle any and every hair concern. I’ve been lucky enough to try a few products recently, and last night finally got around to trying the famous Elasticizer*. I absolutely adored it and from this day forward am going to be a devout user, and I swear it’s because the product is amazing and not just because I want to be a little more like Audrey Hepburn! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Philip Kingsley’s daughter Anabel, who has worked in both the London and New York clinic, I quizzed her on all things Audrey, hair and diet so notepads at the ready….


The elasticizer is your star product, could you tell me the story behind it?

Philip first created Elasticizer for Audrey Hepburn in 1974 when she went to see him for consultation in his London Clinic. Very concerned by the damage done to her hair from styling on set, Audrey wanted something that would repair, moisturize and add shine and manageability without weighing it down. Philip had nothing in his range at the time that fit the description, so he formulated the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment specifically for her – Elasticizer! Audrey would have it shipped out to her in Switzerland every month and used it for the rest of her life.


Do you believe that diet plays a role in your hair’s health?

A healthy diet is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair! Hair is the second fastest growing cell in the body, yet it’s not a vital tissue and so your body will never prioritize its needs. This means that nutritional deficiencies are likely to show up first in the form of excessive hair shedding or hair not being able to sustain growth to the length that it used to. Crash dieting, being underweight, skipping meals and cutting out food groups are all culprits. In terms of what you should eat, hair is composed primarily of protein, so adequate intake of this is essential – especially at breakfast and lunch. Complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and iron are also vital – would you believe that 90% of women who come to see us with hair loss problems have ferritin (stored iron) deficiency?


What are your top tips for healthy hair and scalp?

Hair grows best from a healthy scalp. We suggest you shampoo daily, or every-other-day if it’s too time consuming, to keep your scalp clean and reduce build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria. If you colour, straighten or chemically process your hair, try using a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week to keep it hydrated and elastic. As said before – make sure to eat a healthy diet to sustain energy levels to your follicles. These drop 4hrs after eating a meal, so snack on a piece of fruit or something whole-grain in-between.


Are there any new exciting products or projects in the pipeline?

Yes, very exciting! We have probably never been so excited about a group of products we’ve developed. But… I can’t talk about them. Sorry! Watch this space though.


How much damage does colouring your hair really do?

Colouring is always damaging, but the amount of damage really depends on the type of colour you choose and how often you have it done! For instance, going from a dark shade to a light will be more damaging, as a bleaching (oxidizing) agent will be used and/or left on for longer. Such processes degrade your hair’s protein structure and makes it more prone to breakage. Similarly, continuously over-lapping previously bleached or dyed hair will be more harmful. However, in all instances you can minimize trauma to your locks by making sure you go to an experienced colourist, using daily protective sprays and applying intensive moisturizing treatments between appointments.


Do you believe that it’s possible to retain the youthful shine of your hair as you get older?

Yes! Although hair does tend to get thinner and drier as we age, there’s plenty that can be done to keep it looking youthful and healthy.  Firstly, use of well formulated volumising products will help retain body and bounce – while a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and a daily post-shampoo conditioner will add shine and elasticity. For those that have grey hair, products like our Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner mask associated discoloration and dullness.

*PR sample


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