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Having recently flown the family and nest and moved in with my boyfriend it’s taken me a while to get my footing and really embrace the flat and put my stamp on it- but I think I’m well on my way to making our home cosy and chic with just a hint of girliness. Whilst I have my dressing room which is full of my clothes, shoes, handbags and makeup I’ve also managed to take over our bathroom and now have moved on to making my bedside table as cosy as possible. First thing is first, we bought some bedside lamps- it only took me nearly three years to convince him of the value and lovely ambiance of having a warm glow as opposed to the harshness of overhead lighting.

I try to keep only the basics on my bedside table, but as my dressing table is yet to arrive I probably keep a bit more on there than I will when it finally comes. I love having a candle and this Black Vanilla Zara Home one looks chic and smells unbelievably good! What’s even better is the price- they’re only £9.99. A little perspex jewellery box also from Zara Home houses my everday jewellery so I can just grab and go- with it being perspex it makes it easier to locate lost earrings and so on! I obviously keep some reading material bedside, and at the moment I’m still wading my way through the December issue of Elle magazine (how amazing is that leather jacket that Candice is wearing!?). My phone is forever running out of battery, so whenever I’m home I pop it on charge, which means that my bedside table is usually my last pitstop before I run out the door, so I keep a few of my favourite perfumes there to spritz on in a hurry.

I love this old Diptyque candle which I made into a makeupbrush/anything holder about a year ago by simply pouring boiling water onto the remnants of wax and then scooping it out with a spoon- super easy and looks beyond chic. I keep three of my bedside beauty products in it- Dr Nick Lowe Spot GelFresh Sugar Lip Treatment and Balance Me Radiance Oil for when I need a pre bed fix. Feel a spot coming on before bed? Pop on the gel and it will be gone by morning. Lips feeling a little tight and chapped (and in this weather isn’t that all of us?) dab a few layers of lip treatment on to ensure hydrated and nourished lips in the morning. Moisturiser sunk in too quickly and want an extra hydration and radiance (and also spot healing) boost pre slumber? This oil has you covered.

So there it is- my bedside table. Now, what am I missing? I feel another trip to Zara Home coming on…


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