Wedding Survival Kit

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The days of me being a bride-to-be are now behind me and with that comes a huge sigh of relief (no more stressing about seating plans, unwanted blemishes, hair colour disasters and so on), however, being a wedding guest is something that (hopefully) never comes to an end, as we’re well and truly in the swing of wedding season here is your wedding survival kit that you can store in a large clutch to get you through – this is applicable to guests, bridesmaids and even brides themselves!

Photographs: are such a huge part of any wedding, with at least one professional photographer roaming around and hundreds of instagram snaps doing the rounds wearing an SPF free foundation is a must. However, if it’s a day time wedding that goes into evening I’d recommend opting for one with a low level SPF – Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua SPF 15 is a gorgeous velevet finished light weight foundation, as is my favourite Tarte Amazonian Clay SPF 15. For evening events with lots of flash photography then Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, NARS Sheer Glow or L’Oreal Pro Matte are my top picks.

Makeup That Lasts: Weddings are often long winded affairs, starting with a service, drinks, dinner then dancing, which means your makeup needs to stay looking its best for a while. I’d recommend opting for a lip liner all over instead of a gloss as the wear time is much better plus you can cheat a fuller pout and it looks amazing in photographs. I’d go for anything nude from MAC – Boldly Bare, Dervish, Spice or Soar. Pat your favourite lipstick or gloss on top for added dimension and colour. If you’re going to wear false lashes, ensure that the vial of glue is on hand for any touch ups although good quality lashes should not budge. Keep some blotting paper on hand if you’re oily skinned, it’s much easier to touch up using blotting paper than powder and it doesn’t take away any of your makeup – just the excess shine.

Staying Fresh: Carrying deodorant in your clutch may not scream glamour but it’s a life saver, especially on warmer days. Opt for a mini Dove aerosol can as it’s less sticky and wet and dries in seconds, it’s also minuscule! Keep some smints on hand to freshen any champagne breath, stay away from chewing gum – not chic. Decant your favourite scent into a travalo so that you can top up, make sure to not go overboard though, anything nauseatingly sweet could give you a headache.

Medical: Nurofen and plasters should be non negotiable in your clutch – don’t take the whole packs, just take out the necessary amounts – pop two nurofen into a small square of cellophane and tear out three or four plasters. Trust me, a plaster in the short term saves you weeks of agony in the long.

Miscellaneous: If the couple encourage photographs you may want to clear up some storage space in your phone and bring a portable phone charger with you, if you have an up do then don’t forget to bring some kirby grips with you, similarly if you have an amazing blow dry take a hair band with you in case things get sweaty towards the end of the night. If it’s an asian wedding then don’t forget your safety pins and your eyelash glue to keep your tikka in place – although I doubt you’ll need me to remind you of that!

I hope this has been some use to any of you attending a wedding or part of one in the near future! I’m off to one next weekend!





  1. Ella
    May 23, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    Your wedding shoes are the most dreamy pair of all! Can you please recommend a good blotting paper Tijan? My oily skin is deffo going to need it in the summer time. X x

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