Tuesday’s At Home Spa



Tuesday’s have quickly become my busiest day. I have Russian classes on Tuesday evenings – which usually means I have a whole lot of Russian homework to do on Tuesday mornings, I have videos due out on Wednesday and more often than not a lot of events and my meetings also fall on Tuesdays. Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself a little Tuesday evening routine that I thought I would share.

I’m usually a morning shower-er, but on Tuesdays I feel the need to have a lovely shower and/or bath when I get in. Something about a grubby classroom just makes me need to shower it all away, I then like to pop on a face mask. I alternate between Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Face Mask and the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal. Antipodes if my skin is looking a little iffy and in need of some TLC and REN if all is ok on the spots front and I just want some extra glow and va va voom! Either face mask takes roughly 10-15 minutes. So in that time period I slather on a body oil, at the moment that oil is by Clarins and is totally gorgeous, it makes my bathroom smell like a spa and instantly unlocks any tense muscles and makes me feel like a renewed version of myself. If I still have a few minutes, then I’ll give myself a 3-4 minute scalp massage (with or without coconut oil) to try and generate some super fast hair growth (also it feels soooo good(.

I then like to have phone/laptop detox and crawl into bed with a magazine (Vogue, Elle or Elle Wedding) or if I’m really lucky and have found a good book – then my kindle. My husband does classes on Tuesday evenings, and gets home one hour and fifteen minutes behind me, so I try to have all of my spa shenanigans complete by the time he gets home so that we can then watch some TV before bed.

All in all, I love my little once weekly ritual and love how it totally de-stresses and relaxes me. But it’s currently still only 8:54am….I have a lot to do before my evening ceremonies commence…



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