The Switch Up


So it’s finally feeling like Autumn and I’m getting married next weekend. Crazy times. I thought I’d share with you some food and beauty switch ups I’ve done both for the change of seasons but also to ensure that my skin and body are as healthy as possible for next week.

Goodbye Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua…Hello BareMinerals Serum Foundation Both of these foundations have runny watery runny textures, but the Chanel one also has a whole lotta fragrance in the formula. My skin is feeling extra sensitive with all the pre wedding stress, and with the weather feeling a little cooler I prefer having something a little less fragrant. Expect a full review (possibly in video form) of the foundation coming soon!

Goodbye coffee…hello green tea This isn’t 100% truthful, it’s more like the 5:2 diet of coffee drinking. 5 days of coffee to 2 days of green tea as my morning kick of caffeine. I find that my energy levels are the same in terms of caffeine, however coffee is just so much yummier!

Goodbye mid afternoon slice of cake…hello apples After reading in Elle Wedding about how one should cut down on the majority of carbs and refined sugar before the big day I’ve made the decision to stop snacking on my afternoon indulgences of biscuits and cakes. There’s simply no need in the run up to the wedding to be eating unhealthily. Instead apples are surprisingly filling and have the same levels of sugar without a crash.

Goodbye Eniron AVST1 moisturiser….hello Toleriane Ultra The Environ AVST1 moisturiser has been lovely but the consistency is light and there are certain active ingredients that can cause my skin to be a little aggravated. Instead, I’ve been opting for my old favourite – Toleriane Ultra which is super light in texture yet uber moisturising and it leaves skin glowing yet matte. It is also fragrance free which is amazing.

What switch ups do you take for Autumn/ before a big event?


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