The Supermodel Face Mask that Works

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I’d sworn off any exfoliating or deep cleansing masks a while back. Something about them just stopped working for me. I’ve been favouring a stripped back, super simple skincare routine that doesn’t aggravate my break out prone skin, and the last few masks I’d tried just resulted in angry red skin. So when I received the MV Organics Skincare Signature Mineral Mask, I was wary. I’d been using and loving a few other MV skincare products though and then the other evening I took a closer look at the ingredients – they looked remarkably simple, and something about “white French clay” and the way it dubbed itself the perfect “at home facial” just sounded so glamorous and pure that I thought “if the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitely use it and love it then why the hell not” and started mixing and meshing it up.

Here’s the catch with this mask you have to put a little bit of elbow grease in. It comes in a huge sachet (filled with around 30 masks worth of powder clay) which you then mix with a little bit of filtered water using the metal mixing bowl they give you, you then brush it on using the mask brush (that also comes with it) and leave it on for around 4-7 minutes, without letting the mask totally dry on your skin. As the mask doesn’t totally dry, you don’t have to scrub and aggravate your skin to remove it, it should come off easily with warm water and a soft flannel. Little bumps I’d has near my nose (I suspect from unclean brushes) had disappeared, but it wasn’t until the next morning when the results truly showed.

I’ve been waking up with a remarkably oily t-zone lately, the night after using the mask – nada. My skin was not blotchy or red, skin tone looked more even and calm, and my skin looked totally ready for the day without any cleansing seruming our foundationing. Yes this mask is a bit of a faff, but for the fuss free results and instantly better looking skin with zero problems, I’m willing to put up with the DIY mixing and use it as suggested – twice weekly. Let’s see if it continues to deliver and this baby might just make it into the January favourites…

MV Organics skincare Signature Mask available here for £33.00



  1. January 20, 2015 / 10:31 am

    I need to try this! I like the fact that you mix it up at home and that it comes with a brush, its so much easier to apply a mask with a brush! Have you tried the Annie’s Way Hyaluronic Brightening Jelly Mask? It is AMAZING!! definitely one to try not too harsh and the results are fantastic xx

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