The Bare Minimum



For days when I’ve been working at home, but may need to pop out to run an errand or two, or when I’m expecting a visitor or a delivery I’ve been opting for a no makeup makeup look that is quite literally as little as possible. I think about what I feel comfortable wearing whilst at home (ideally not a scrap of makeup at all) and then factor in all of the things I may be going to do then take it from there and here is the absolute bare minimum:

1. Light base with SPF – If i’m working by a window and it’s a sunny day, or if I’m heading out to run some errands I’ll always wear a light sheer coverage base that has an SPF of at least 20. I love either the NARS powder foundation (SPF 25) or the Bare Minerals Serum Foundation (SPF 20 ++). Either give a light amount of coverage. I then add a little bit of the Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach Bisque under my eyes and voila – I feel nicely covered as well as protected from any harmful rays.

2. Brows – When it comes down to it, if someone told me to choose between a brow product or mascara, brows would win every time. I’m quite a fan of the total bare eye, but bare brows? Hell no. I feel positively naked. I’m currently using a brow wax which one of my good friend brings me back from Kazakhstan, so sadly I can’t recommend it to you guys, however Benefit make absolutely awesome brow products too. If my brows are groomed and tinted, I instantly feel ready for the day.

3. Earrings – The last step comes in the form of earrings, I’m currently loving Astrid & Miyu hexagon rose gold studs, and I feel more polished overall when I have them on. A swipe of lip balm – tinted or not, any will do and that’s me ready to take on the day and not be caught unawares by the sun, a delivery man or a last minute errand!




  1. January 21, 2015 / 1:21 am

    You look gorgeous! I’ve been favouring a pared back look of late as well. It’s so hot here in Australia, and while I love seeing all the smokey eyes and bold lips of Northern Hemisphere bloggers at the moment, I can think of little worse in this 35+ degree weather. Interesting you feel naked without brows – I can get away without any brow products, but never mascara! xx

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