The Sheer Lip Wardrobe

Like the perfect nude nail colour, pair of black jeans or black leather jacket, a sheer lipstick/balm/butter is a make-up bag staple. It can be worn alone to give a little polish to a hurried gym or school run face, or it can be added as the icing on the cake of a fully made up- I’m talking Kardashian kontouring, smokey eyes, bold brows kindof made up- face.

It was the other day that I realised that I always seem to gravitate towards sheer, pinky peachy toned lipsticks, as I was drawn into yet another new launch- Tom Ford’s colour shine sheer lipsticks, so it was then that I decided to get out a few of my favourites and share them with you all. From the very cheap through to the not much change from a £20 note, here are my all time favourite sheer lip products.

Lefto to Right- Bodyshop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pinkberry £3.00, Korres Lip Butter in Peach £6.50, Mac Viva Glam in Lustre £14.00, Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rose £16, Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait £7.99



When swatched, the Bodyshop lip balm hardly shows up at all, but on the lips it leaves a lovely pale sheen which is perfect for a subtle version of a 60s lip. I sometimes mix a few together, the Revlon Lip Butter and the Fresh Lip Treatment are gorgeous on top of each other. The MAC Viva Glam was a hurried buy when I was at Westfield having my Halloween make-up done and I needed to buy something to redeem my money, but I’m sure glad I chose this beauty. It leaves a pale yet shimmery finish (not shimmery in the bad way though) and is perhaps the best one to use with a smoky eye. The Fresh lip treatment is arguably the most wearable out of the bunch, it smells like lemonade, leaves the lips nourished and hydrated with a glossy sheer dark pink finish, perfect for every day wear. The Korres lip butter isn’t super pigmented, but it leaves a subtle peach-y sheen and is incredibly hydrating and ideal for Summer as it has an SPF15. I’ve sung the Revlon Lip Butter’s praises here and I’m still loving it.

It’s always handy to have a working wardrobe of sheer lipsticks which can be applied sans mirror either in a rush leaving the house, in a sweaty nightclub or subtly after lunch/dinner, also I find that the dewier and shinier the lip product it gives the illusion of a plumper lip! I also have a few other sheer lip  products, but they leave more of a tangerine-y or ‘just bitten’ red kind of sheen, so I’ll include them in a lip post in the near future, this one is purely to celebrate the pinkier tones!



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