The New Long


It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about and noticing for a while. All the Victoria’s Secret girls and pretty much any major A list actress these days all have the same length and (pretty much) style of hair. It’s long but it isn’t super long, essentially split dry wispy ends = big no no. The new long varies between just above to juuust below the nipple (sorry for the crude description peeps, but all girls know it’s the best indication of hair length!).

Lily Aldridge has nipple grazing tresses, Miranda Kerr’s is just above. Ditto Erin Heatherton and Mila Kunis, and Kate Beckinsale.. heck, even Kim Kardashian! ┬áSo last week I decided to take a little more off than just my usual trim (my hair was in ribcage territory!) and went to nipple length. My new ends feel so swishy and glossy and thick, my hair feels lighter and easier to wash and blow dry. It’s interesting that just an inch or two of hair can make such a drastic difference, it’s mainly because the longer your hair the more damaged the ends are, thus making the ends heavier and drawn down. That’s probably why it’s so popular amongst the VS angels, it’s a really sexy length. It’s modern but still long enough to be romantic and there’s still enough room to tease it and play around with it, and best of all it’s super healthy.

Now I’m planning on having my super long hair back in time for my wedding this Autumn, but I’ll be sure to have regular trims to keep it looking and feeling weightless and glossy. My next super trim will be post honeymoon, so I’ll enjoy this one whilst it lasts!



  1. March 7, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    I love this hair length I really think it suits everyone. But I am way to attached to my long hair to take the plunge myself!

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