The most important manicure of my life…

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Today’s blog title is a little melodramatic isn’t it? But when I was a bride to be I used to stalk bridal nail colours on Pinterest in order to find just the right shade of nude for my wedding day. I hate french manicures, didn’t want anything sheer like K Mid, didn’t want anything baby pink or white, I needed a subtle, glossy yet opaque nude that complemented my skin tone perfectly.

Shellac shade range was a little dud, and my local salon weren’t that keen on mixing me a bespoke shade, ditto OPI and Gellish. That’s when a friend mentioned Nails inc’s 3 week manicures. Pricier than a shellac but with an excellent choice of colours. I went to the Fenwick’s counter and instantly fell in love with the shade ‘Nude’. It was peachy without being too orange-y, creamy without being milky and pink without being garish. It was my dream shade. Instead of going for nude on my toes as well (I personally find nude toes a bit creepy) I chose an Autumnal berry red from the OPI gel range. All in all I liked the different colours and felt they complemented my wedding look perfectly. The nail colour has been on for 8 days now and still looks good despite some regrowth. I am planning on getting it removed in a few days time but if I’m going to be brutally honest, I’m a little sad at having to do that as it will mean the wedding is well and truly over!

Nails inc 3 week manicure £55.00


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