The Lowdown – Clarins Lip Comfort Oil



When Clarins launched their Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil last year I didn’t so much as bat an eyelid. The name sounded gimmicky and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than wearing oil on my lips. I thought it would result in looking as though I’d just polished off a Dominos Pizza – not chic.

So when Clarins kindly sent them to me in the post last week as they have now become part of their permanent range I was skeptical. I tried the Honey shade first – essentially clear with a slight warmth that brings out a ‘just kissed’ look on the lips. I was blown away by how soft the applicator felt, the formula was like liquid cashmere and it left my lips looking and feeling amazing. Not a hint of greasiness, just fuller looking lips that felt deeply nourished and conditioned.

If you struggle with chapped lips in the winter then please look no further, it’s perhaps slightly more than you’d spend on a chapstick but every penny is worth it. I have never come across a more nourishing lip product that not only soothes the lips and coats them in a non sticky gloss straight away but also makes them look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s and long after the product has worn off they continue to feel nourished and conditioned.

Whilst I’m less keen on the scent of the Raspberry one (the honey scent is divine) it was equally as good and the slight punch of pink again enhanced rather than masked my natural lip shade. If there ever was a time to utter “your lips but better” then it would be now.

Not gimmicky at all – just one of the best lip products I’ve ever used and one of the best ideas I can think of to give as Christmas presents to my friends this year.

(Just to clarify this is not sponsored at all, I always worry a little when I ramble on about a product as being the best thing since sliced bread that it can look a little suspicious, so just so you know this is most definitely not the case. )



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