The Flat Black Sandal

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I have come across the perfect black flat sandal – ideal for weekends, work or post work drinks in a Summer’s dress. They’ll also give you change from a £20 note! New shoes and I usually don’t get on too well, it always takes my feet a few times wearing a certain pair to adjust, with these however I happily stayed out all day without any aches pains or blisters at all. I love that they wind around the ankle, making them perfect with cropped jeans, but if all the buckling scares you a little, there’s a handy zip at the back so you don’t have to spend an age getting yourself in and out of them. Result hey?




  1. Bella
    June 6, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    I’m allergic to synthetic claptrap on my feet, both literally and figuratively. Other than that, they look quite nice.

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