Sephora Cream Lip Stain

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Another week – another lip product. I bought this in Sephora whilst in Paris on Tuesday and can safely say that whilst I was on the fence when I bought it, I am so so grateful that I did. I bought the shade Strawberry Kiss 03 and my mum bought 01 Always Red (more on that in the vlog coming up soon) and I was amazed at how well hers lasted all throughout the day – she looked stunning and the colour didn’t bleed at all. I wore mine out last night to a friends birthday dinner and eat copious amounts of food and cake and came home with the perfect pout still in tact with no need for any touch ups.

These are miraculous lip stains! Revolutionary really – and fair a lot better than my previous favourites; Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lipstick, which tends to get a little tight on the lips and then go a little flakey. When my mum touched hers up (once throughout the whole day!) she did with ease and the colour didn’t go odd as with so many stains it can when you layer it up – it didn’t ball up or flake and instead stayed smooth and matte. It has avocado oil in it, hence the comfortable feel on the lips with no dryness.

It’s a winner! I’m back off to Paris next weekend and I’m planning on buying some more shades to add to my collection!


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