The Faux Capsule Wardrobe

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Since moving two and a half weeks ago I’ve adopted a new way of getting dressed. I now keep my “most worn” items on two rails in my dressing room and will edit in and out new pieces. This has resulted in a somewhat capsule wardrobe with none of the panic that having an actual capsule induces in a borderline hoarder like myself.

The current trend is incredibly relaxed, paired down and effortless which goes down incredibly well with my own personal style. On my rails currently you’ll find bomber jackets, skinny and straight leg jeans, a good quality close knit black top, over the knee boots/trainers/ankle boots, loose fitting t-shirts and rounded sunnies and a choker or two. It’s a silhouette that I feel suits my figure and makes me feel that little more like a Hadid or a Baldwin. As the temperatures have been so icy I’ve been preferring to wear jeans or trousers instead of dresses and skirts, so my rails have been pretty standard. I also have been obsessed with wearing Uni Qlo heat tech long sleeved tops under fine knitted t-shirts for a multi layered and model off duty chic look.

Getting ready in the morning takes a fraction of the time, I never think “what to wear!?”, and if all else fails I just rock an all black ensemble – nothing is chicer. Would you consider the faux capsule wardrobe?



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