At Home Mindfulness Spa



Last Friday my mum and I went to the gorgeous spa in the Four Seasons on Park Lane for a 60 minute massage, lunch and afternoon dipping into the plunge pool and relaxing in the sauna. It was such a blissful day and taking that time to just breathe and focus on wellness set me up for a deeply relaxing weekend.

Now I can’t hop there whenever I fancy, so today after a gruelling Barrecore class I decided to make myself an at home spa. It was quick and easy and took the same amount of time a usual shower would, but instead of just focussing on getting the chore of washing my body done, I relished it and focussed on my wellbeing. I ran a scaldingly hot bath (just how I like ’em) and added a few capfuls of Mio’s Liquid Yoga. My muscles have been feeling really tight from the past few days of exercise (after nearly a year off from doing any strenuous working out) so I allowed myself a good 15 minute soak with no distraction. No laptop balanced watching a YouTube video, no magazines, no phone – just me time. I did some gentle stretches and deep measured breathing. I then applied a generous amount of the Firming Body Oil from Mio on – using oil instead of a quick dollop of moisturiser made it feel so much more indulgent.

I then mixed a few drops of the Guerlain Abeille Royale Facial Treatment Oil with my Guinot facial moisturiser and just like that I felt renewed, relaxed and refreshed. I then opted for a super healthy lunch, which I’ll add in to my “what I eat in a day” video that I’m filming next week so I can share that with you!

Sometimes personal grooming and mindfulness can go hand in hand, and taking the time to relax your muscles and indulge in a bit of “me” time doesn’t mean that you’re being lazy. It regenerates and sets us up for all the small (and big) stresses that life can and will throw at us. What are some of your at home spa rituals?



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