The ‘Every Day’ Fuller Pout Secret

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So I think we can all safely say that lipgloss gives the appearance of plumper, juicier lips. However, lipgloss on a day to day basis just isn’t viable, I mean it’s January and the wind and rain is at full throttle over here in the UK and even the most ‘unsticky’ of glosses will still leave your hair clinging to it like a baby kangaroo to its mummy (gone a little too weird with the metaphors today?).

Anywhooo – whilst watching the amazing Amelia’s video on how to make your lips appear larger, something caught my eye. The Paul & Joe Dual ended lip liner 02 Cedar. The next morning I made a detour en route to my morning coffee run to go and “swatch” it and ended up £13.50 poorer but the proud new owner of juicier fuller lips – without a needle in sight.

First thing is first, the packaging is beyond beautiful – all Paul & Joe Beaute products have the most dressing table worthy packaging ever. The shade I chose has a darker and lighter, you use the darker around the outer edges of your mouth and the lighter one on your cupids bow and just under your bottom lip. The idea is to really draw the lips outwards to get a 3D and thus plumper effect. I filled the rest of my lips in using my Burberry Lip Mist in Copper 202 to give them a lovely nude finish and I felt really polished and together. My cousin even commented on later that day as to how my lips were looking fuller than usual. The shade 02 cedar is perfect for nude and pink lipstick lovers, it pretty much goes with all of my lipstick choices, ranging from the incredibly pale pinks to some of the deeper berries. I love that I can just whip it out and get and instant effect!





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