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I try and stop myself posting too much about products that aren’t that easily available. But I just can’t hold back on the wonders of Cattier face masks any longer. There are four in the range – all clay masks, and all designed for different skin types; normal, oily, sensitive and dry.

I’ve recently rediscovered the pink one which is designed for sensitive skin, seeing as I’ve recently had a facial, I wanted something soothing and not too heavy. The main ingredient in the pink one is aloe vera – an ingredient I adore for its soothing and calming properties. I always turn to aloe vera based products when my skin is looking a little worse for wear (usually from trying too many products) so this mask is essentially the best thing for my skin.

After using my skin is impossibly clear and radiant and there’s no discomfort or stinging which can come with other harsher masks. I also find it to be great at exfoliating the dead skin around my nose. The green one for oily skin is also fantastic, however right now the pink one has stolen my heart. They’re also a bargain in French pharmacies and around 4 or 5 euros each. Next time you’re in a French pharmacy (unfortunately they’re not readily available hereĀ yet) make a bee line for these!



  1. Amna W
    March 31, 2014 / 10:00 am

    I was wondering if you can help. I’m an almost 36 year old, mummy of two. I really want to know what the difference between BB and CC creams is.
    I’m from a Pakistani background, so I have a mediumish toned skin colour; I have an uneven skin tone, a bit blemishy & I really don’t like wearing foundation on a daily basis.
    If you use BB/CC creams, is there any need to wear foundation too?
    Also, what’s your take on Maybelline’s Baby Soft Pore Eraser?

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