Sunday Stuff #8 Lips & Tips

katemosslips lips&tips lips&tips2


As I’ve taken a minor hiatus away from my usual “wash of nude” lip colours and started to stray over to the slightly less subtle candy pinks, corals and now mauves, I’ve realised that having clashing nails just feels a little “unpolished”. Whereas with a nude lip, literally anything goes. But with something a tad more pigmented and coloured, all of a sudden things can get seriously clashy. I’ve recently been loving the Rimmel Kate Lasting Perfection 08 lipstick. I love the mauve hint to it, making me think that a deep lilac nail polish would compliment it perfectly – note the use of the word compliment and not match. I may want to be a little more groomed, however I’m not ready to go all TOWIE on you guys. The gorgeous deep lilac polish I’m wearing is American Apparel’s Dynasty. J’adore! 





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