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So I thought I’d have a little ramble about breakfast this morning, and show you how I make my super simple and super healthy breakfast. I eat this pretty much every morning.

Last September after a road trip through Italy I got hooked on caffe lattes, seriously hooked. When I got home I started having them daily with a warm croissant, so much so that I started to rack up the points on my loyalty card and I started getting them for free!

My skin spiralled down hill and it was a few months later that I realised it was the dairy that was breaking me out. I switched to soya milk and things got better, then a month or so after that I finally bought my own coffee machine and had a breakfast overhaul. I wanted something healthier, that tasted delicious but didn’t require too much effort on a day to day basis. I started playing around with omelettes with some smoked salmon with some avocado, now I loved that but the scooping of the avocado required just a hint of more effort than I really wanted so I streamlined it further and I can now make my breakfast in  under 5 minutes. A full serving of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and an almond milk latte.

What you’ll need:

Eggs X 1 if you’re like me and not too hungry in the mornings, or X2 if you’re a normal person.

Some smoked salmons (I buy mine from Whole Foods).

A tablespoon of olive oil

A dash of salt.


I start by heating the pan and adding some olive oil (no butter here!), I then crack the egg(s) and whisk them just using a fork as there’s no need for a full on whisker for such a small amount, I then add a pinch of salt into the bowl to flavour the eggs. I then pour it into the pan and use a wooden spoon to further whisk away, creating fluffy little pieces of scrambled eggs.


I then pour some almond milk into my coffee machine and use a Big Cup Little Cup capsule and whilst that is doing its thang I get the smoked salmon out on to a plate ready for my eggs. It’s literally that simple. The results are seriously yummy and the sweetness of the coffee (almond milk is naturally sweet in flavour) counteracts the savoury of the eggs and salmon perfectly. I feel fuller for longer, not at all bloated and I don’t feel the need for any carbs at all. Having salmon every day has certainly improved my skin as well and I feel more “glow-y” when I’ve had it and a little more sallow when I haven’t.







  1. Lauren
    June 17, 2014 / 1:04 pm

    Great simple idea! My breakfast preparations are taking far too long these days!

    Does this fill you until lunch time? My major issue is keeping full between breakfast and lunch!

    I can’t wait to see your other healthy meal and ideas, especially now that bikini season is upon us, and love that you focus on health (especially the health of your skin) rather than fat and calories!

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