Sunday Unplugged & Relaxed Getting Ready



This week has been a bit of a whirl wind, with a trip to Paris, Russian visa applications (ahead of my trip to Moscow next month!), work, errands and other bits and bobs of travelling all over London and further! I’m well and truly spent and just feel like spending today in my pyjamas. However, if you too feel like a pyjama day but have to leave the house – here are my Sunday unplugged and relaxed get ready tips:

Try not to schedule a Sunday morning hair washing session, especially if your hair is longer than collarbone length, it’ll take simply too much time and effort and it’s really not worth it unless you have a special event or meal with important people. Instead schedule a Saturday wash so that your hair is fresh and with a little bit of Oribe Dry Texturising Spray you’re good to go!

Avoid layering your makeup, ain’t nobody got time for a multi layered, primer + foundation + powder + blush + bronzer + highlighter + three different types of concealer on a Sunday. I think it’s far chicer to go as minimal as possible. I opt for a light layer of foundation where I need it and a blob of concealer, a quick slick of eyebrow product and some lip liner all over my lips as a stain – done. Mascara and shadows are too fiddly for me and I find a defined brow and lip take seconds to apply but make you look and feel polished and “done” but still looking like there’s minimal makeup on.

Relaxed layers, I love throwing on a pair of comfy ripped jeans (always Topshop) with a loose long sleeved tee, a light jacket and converse or Toms on a Sunday, maybe jazzed up by some nice sunglasses and earrings to pull the look in. Avoid dresses/tights/anything body con or even heeled boots. No blisters necessary. If I’m popping out locally for lunch or to see some friends/family, I sometimes even ditch a handbag and just put my phone/card/keys and my lip liner in my pockets. Sunday ease.

Remove makeup ASAP, as soon as I’m home from whatever I’ve been doing, I remove my makeup. Even if it’s 3:30pm, I’ll do a proper double cleanse and then leave a hydrating mask on for the rest of the evening/night. If I eat a meal (which obviously I do) then I’ll use a simple face wipe around my mouth area (from under the nose to chin) and then reapply my serums/mask/moisturiser, just to make sure I’m extra fresh!

That’s my Sunday approach – what’s yours?



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