A little jar of magic


I’ve tried my fair share of spot lotions and potions, creams/gels you name it – I’ve tried them all. The Mario Badescu drying lotion has been on my radar for a while now and I finally picked it up a few weeks ago. I’ve been going through a particularly spotty phase – my eating has just gone insane – I’m eating sugar left right and centre and even letting the odd bit of dairy in as well – things have not been looking pretty. Thankfully though the MBDL has kept angry sore and cystic pimples at bay by drying them up practically overnight. The spots keep coming, and we keep batting them away! Hurrah!

It’s easy to use – just dunk a cotton swab in the alcohol and pink creamy solution (don’t shake first) and then dab it onto effected areas. It does look a little odd, so if you are in a new relationship maybe best to avoid when you’re staying over with your significant other, however, if like me your other half has seen you looking at your absolute worst, then a little bit of spot cream really isn’t too bad!



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