Sunday Stuff #31 – Fuss Free Makeup


Lord & Berry aren’t a brand that I was too familiar with before last week. But let’s get the awkwardness out of the way straight away – they’ve all but ripped off Bobbi Brown in terms of packaging. Unlike Bobbi though, the products are half the price. I’d say the products themselves, however, are closer to NARS dupes. Take the crayon lipsticks (not mad on that name at all) in the shades Cherry and Naturelle – they are a total dupe for the NARS Satin Lip Pencils (which as you know, I’m a huge fan of) but are a fraction of the cost. They glide on like satin and leave a creamy pigmented stain that looks subtly natural and not at all too “done”.

The 825 powder brush is also my current favourite brush, and I love using it with either my Rimmel Stay Matt or my Bourjois Healthy Powder. It’s soft and deposits just the right amount of product. All in all, the packaging is slick (if slightly a rip off) the prices are pocket money friendly and the shades and quality is awesome.

It’s the kind of makeup that you don’t really have to think or worry about and that you can just slap on to give yourself a burst of colour and a healthy glow. It’s the ultimate girl in her 20s makeup brand and the fact that they’re sold on ASOS is a match made in heaven!



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