My Dream Wedding Fragrance with Jo Malone

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Last week I popped down to the flagship Jo Malone store on Sloane Street for a bridal consultation to try and whittle it down to find my ideal wedding scent. I wanted something unique, musky but sweet, floral but not too girly, and overall – totally memorable.

I was greeted by the lovely Ruby who sat me down, offered me a glass of champagne and then set to work quizzing me on what I was looking for. She then told me about fragrance layering and blending two perfumes together to create a truly unique scent. She showed me countless combinations and I genuinely had a hard time picking my favourite. Quite honestly, they were all heavenly. I was particularly taken by the Tuberose intense scent, however, I thought it just a little too obvious for my wedding. In the end I went with my initial favourite – a mix of Orange Blossom (which has beautiful connotations of health, wealth and fertility) and Vanilla & Anis which is duskier but still light and feminine. The two mixed together is quite literally my dream fragrance. After we’d chosen, she gave me a hand and arm massage using the orange blossom moisturiser and one of the most gorgeous body scrubs I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. She then layered the fragrances on both arms in such a way that they lasted for hours and hours.

I have my two full sized fragrances boxed up, and I’m intent on leaving them like that until Saturday afternoon, when, just before I make my way to the chapel, I spritz myself in a memorable scent that will always take me back to that day.

Jo Malone Bridal Consultations are free of charge, and every bride receives a 9ml sample of a cologne, a baby body lotion and some sugared almonds. I’d recommend going with a few friends and turning it into a bit of a party! It was truly one of the most indulgent, relaxing and beautiful experiences – tantamount to choosing my dress!



  1. September 29, 2014 / 9:21 am

    Totally going to do this! I’m getting married in Feb and wanted a perfume that’s unique to me, and this experience sounds perfect. All the best for next weekend! x

    • October 14, 2014 / 9:45 am

      Thank you Bee! Let me know holw you get on with Jo Malone!

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