Sunday Stuff #20 Goodbye Bloating, hello flat tummy


Yes you are looking at a photograph of a lemon. Quite literally a lemon being all lemony. I thought I would take today’s Sunday Stuff to discuss some more health and lifestyle with y’all as I’ve been on the straight and narrow of healthy eating and daily exercise for a whole week now (woah!). It started after my weekend road trip through Europe, after one too many portions of french fries and a mammoth Belgian chocolate waffle to finish me off I came home feeling sluggish, skin felt greasy and I just felt like “ughghlflaejf”. A quick check at my calendar and I realised that my family holiday to Mykonos was only a mere 3 weeks away, so I decided it was time to sort stuff out.

It was relatively simple, instead of forcing myself to go to Psycle classes daily or even do the full 50 minute Ballet Beautiful workout, I just vowed to do  Ballet Beautiful 15 Minute Total body workout every day. 15 minutes, that’s nothing you say? Well actually those are some of the toughest and gruelling 15 minutes I’ve ever done in exercise. So daily toning done, I started to cut out my daily 4pm slice of cake and instead have an apple to soothe my sugar cravings. I didn’t go crazy on all fronts though, if I was out I’d enjoy a plate of pasta but then survive on a simple cup of herbal tea and maybe a portion of vegetables or a teensy bowl of granola for dinner – surprisingly I haven’t been ravenous. I’ve felt for the first time hungry for food instead of “hmm yeah I guess I could eat but really I just want the taste of something yum”. My tummy has felt flatter, I have higher energy levels and most importantly I’m more toned. A huge part of keeping bloating down and tummies flat is my daily cup of hot water with lemon (aahhh now the lemon is relevant!) which kick starts the system and gets the metabolism and immune system going – keeping skin clear and stomachs flat. Amazing. My skin has been better thanks to the decreased amount of sugar and that’s a huge win in my eyes. I’m planning on keeping this “diet” if you can call it that – really it’s just about enjoying food in moderation and cutting out the really crappy foods as well as exercising, all throughout Summer. And you know what, I can’t wait!



  1. Esther
    June 22, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    Just started with the hot water and slice of lemon routine today and kicking sugary stuff that was until about 2 mins ago, I was doing so well and a chunk of choc escaped from its packet into my mouth!!

    Seriously though its like you say, not about cutting everything out but moderation and awareness of how much good stuff you put in which should outweigh the bad stuff. So flat belly here I come………

    Please do a Myknos packing video clothes and toiletries please, thank you xx

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