Sunday Stuff #19 Supermodel Skin


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Lily Aldridge with her Illumino Oil – photo from Colbert Instagram


I’ve been an Environ devotee for the past month, but there’s one brand which has lead me slightly astray. When you get given the opportunity to try out the skincare that all the Victoria’s Secret angels swear by (including my all time favourite Lily Aldridge) it’s pretty hard to say no. Introducing Colbert MD – the brainchild of New York dermatologist to the stars Dr David Colbert. The range is designed to give facial esque effects, based on his cult triad facial which boasts Angeline Jolie as a huge fan. I’ve been trying out the Balance Purifying Cleanser which comes in a huge 150ml tube (yay!) smells fresh, and is a lovely light gel consistency that leaves skin feeling clean and decongested. This has been amazing to use after last week’s mini heat wave, it leaves skin so refreshed and invigorated.

The next product (and arguably his most famous) is the Illumino Face Oil, which unlike other oils, has active ingredients (retinol and vitamin c)  to really penetrate the dermis and leave a stunning glow. I used both these products in the midst of “that time of the month” and they both helped in giving a radiance back into my sallow skin tone. I plan on using the oil twice a week as a treatment to give my skin a real boost.

The Illumino body oil is used all over the Victoria’s Secret models pre runway and I can totally see why, it penetrates the skin just like the face oil to leave a beautifully glossy finish, nothing overtly greasy here and you can put your clothes on straight away without the need to marinate first. I absolutely love it and have brought it away with me on my weekend road trip. I love the ethos and packaging behind the brand, and Colbert is definitely one that I want to explore further!




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