Sunday Stuff #13

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I’m off to Legoland bright and early this morning, which means when I come home I’ll be in need of some relaxation and chill out time and nothing says ‘Sundays’ to me like a long hot bath. I’ve been meaning to try Mio’s Liquid Yoga for a while, and even bought a bottle of it for my cousin. It’s pretty much magic. It can both invigorate and calm in equal measures and it is fantastic at easing any tension or aches and pains. This is especially potent when used post workout or busy day (ahem Legoland).  It eases muscles like nothing else I’ve ever tried and this plus a hot bath is my new favourite combination. I love it so much that I’m not just exclusively relegating it to Sundays, I’ll be having one of these multiple times a week to help ease any post Psycle aches.

Similarly Workout Wonder is just that, a wonder. Like liquid yoga but a bit more intense, it calms any workout induced aches and pains. This is fantastic for those of you who have only just started exercising in time for Summer and who’s bodies aren’t quite used to the strenuous activities – believe me, it will sort you out in no time leaving you raring to go again. I actually had a rather unfortunate incident in a pedalo yesterday and hurt my back a little, so I look forward to taking some time post bath to let this wonder work it’s…well wonders!

Happy Sunday all!

Mio Liquid Yoga £26.00 available here

Mio Workout Wonder Muscle Gel £21.00 available here



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