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So I recently read this and this. After reading both pieces on Korean beauty (skin care and makeup natch) I was feeling inspired. The comment about ‘done lips’ ageing you really struck a chord, as I’ve only recently gotten into the whole liner/lipstick and gloss thang. So I stripped things down with the lips, ditched my dark blue kohl in favour of midnight black liquid, parked my lip pencils (which bt dubs I still love) and started getting my ‘balm stain’ on.

The best liquid liner I’ve ever come across is the Rimmel Exaggerate, It’s just so easy to use and really defines eyes. I’ve been using kohl pencils for around a year now but before that I was totally loyal to the rimmel liquid liner. It just defines like nothing else. To give my lips that “just eaten a strawberry lollipop” youthful look I think that the Revlon Lip Butters are brilliant, as are the Kiko sheer lipsticks. To get a korean feel I’m opting for brighter pinks which look so flattering – and you don’t need a mirror or a steady hand to apply these on the go.

In terms of skincare, I’m still very much part of the “less is more” more camp so I’m not too sure whether a 15 step routine is for me (but never say never hey). Instead I dug out my old favourite sheet mask – the SKII Facial Treatment Mask which nourishes, soothes and gives skin a real glow. Sheet masks are definitely something I intend on getting more into. I love intense the treatment is, you really get the most out of them as the product quite literally soaks into your skin instead of just sitting on top of it. The SKII masks are soaked in pitera which is a natural and nutrient rich liquid which is supposedly the ultimate elixir of youth and hydration. These masks seriously work wonders and I especially love keeping mine in the fridge for an amazingly cooling and indulgent experience, they are on the pricey side though

So, just three Korean beauty inspired aspects that have been added into my daily beauty routine, but I’m still craving more! Korean girls just have the  most flawless skin ever! *Inserts heart eyed emoji*


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