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When friends/family members or readers ask me which skincare brands I’d recommend I immediately say – La Roche Posay for the affordable, effective, non irritating bulk and Sunday Riley for the super luxe and potent serums/treatments. They are my two go-to skincare brands. Sunday Riley has been impressing me for a while, when I went into Space NK 18 months ago to buy Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum the sales assistant persuaded me to buy Good Genes instead. I was instantly hooked on how this zesty scented serum could vanquish spots and redness, reduce acne scarring and make my skin brighter, more supple and calmer. Now comes Luna Sleeping Night Oil, a treatment oil that has overnight results.

Packed with blue tansy retinol, it does have a faint blue colour that disappears once blended into the skin and it packs a serious punch. It claims to reduce signs of time, pollution, sun and stress as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily as I’m ¬†under 25, anti ageing isn’t on my agenda just yet so I can’t say how effective it is at that side of things, however, for calming my post Moscow redness (think late nights, excessive amounts of carbs and parched skin from the 8 hour round trip) it works wonders. I wake up the next morning with glowing skin that is actually less oily than if I’d used a normal moisturiser. My redness and blemishes are calmer, scarring appears lighter and skin just looks happy. If you have troublesome skin then I’d highly recommend a visit to Sunday Riley counter ASAP. On a side note, I had dinner with Sunday herself two weeks ago and she is an awesome human being – made me love the skincare even more!



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