How to Get as Bikini Ready as possible in 48 hours!

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I am a rebel when it comes to looming dates. The night before an A level exam? I’ll probably be at the theatre watching a musical (true story). Two days before my wedding? You could find me scoffing down an Honest Burger followed by a spot of Nando’s. The weeks before leading up to a bikini photo shoot? Yes that’s me eating the whole of Moscow (I had two big lunches one day so as not to offend relatives and ate Apple Strudel as an aperitif – don’t even get me started on Peroshki and the fact that I considered desert a right and not a privilege). Anywho, here’s little old me sitting here with just over 48 hours to go to get “bikini body ready” and not panicking too much, so I thought I’d share with you my tips lest you be as rebellious as I…

Eat Breakfast Carbs: For carboholics like me, cutting out carbs all together can’t be as cut and dried as that. Your body will start to crave and shut down mid afternoon, resulting in poor dinner choices. Instead I like to opt for a small bowl of granola with some fruit in the morning to satiate my carb cravings, eating the most “unhealthily” in the morning is far better for your body than eating like a saint all day only to ruin it at the most crucial point (post 6pm).

Tone Like Crazy: The one exercise I see instant results with is Ballet Beautiful, I do this as often as I can as it is quick and brutally effective at sculpting abs from nothing. I did this every morning of my holiday in Greece last year (despite eating a Nutella crepe every evening) and felt perfectly toned.

Hello water, goodbye salt: The real devil is sodium, anything salty must go pre beach as it is the number 1 cause for bloating. Ditto booze. Keep diets as simple as possible. Whilst I don’t promote crash dieting, 48 hours of eating very simple and plane raw fruit and veg and a spot of steamed fish wont do any harm. Up the water intake to flush your system out properly and reduce the likelihood of bloating.

Short bursts of cardio: These have a placebo like effect, but doing 30 minutes on a cross trainer, going for a quick run/bike ride/aerobics class or anything that gets your heart rate pumping will give you a glow and make you feel as though you’ve done something good for your body thus resulting in sticking to the above rules better. I like bike riding and my faithful cross trainer for giving me bursts of energy and getting the blood flowing.

With all of this in mind make sure to watch my vlog on my YouTube channel of my pending trip!





  1. June 8, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    Loved this post! You should do more on your diet or fitness, like a ‘what I eat in a day’ kind of thing 🙂

    Ella xx

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