Spring Cleaning with Rebelle


These last few long weekends have been spent de cluttering and generally re organising my wardrobe. I use our spare bedroom as one giant walk in wardrobe and things can get hectic quite quickly in there, in between the amount of clothes sent by brands and the amount of things I buy weekly I really need to do a wardrobe audit weekly. However, along with all the Zara dresses and jeans I passed to my sister to wear I also came across some gems such as an old Louis Vuitton hold all that I’ve not used once and some other items which have been sat quite literally gathering dust. I knew I wanted to sell some items (to help assuage the guilt from my latest Chloe splurge) and so had a quick look to find the right site for me.

That’s when I came across Rebelle and their fashion concierge service where a representative comes to your house to look over your desired items to sell and gives you a rough idea on their value and will take the suitable ones, the representative then organises the professional photography of the items and writes the description up and the rest is pretty much history. I’ve waited writing this until I’d sold a few items as I wasn’t sure how much visibility the site would give me, however within two weeks of putting a few items up I’ve already sold two high value items (including that LV) and the process could not have been easier with the money transferred directly into my bank account.

As with any luxury goods reselling sites they of course take a commission and you do pay a small fee to have a representative come to you (alternatively you could send a package of items off for free). They send out frequent newsletters to their customer database so if your items are particularly cool or on trend you know they will be getting peak visibility and therefore have a high chance of selling. I definitely have my eye on buying a few things from the site too and am tempted to because as they have the stock in their warehouse you know you don’t have lengthy waits for the seller to forward your item to you which in itself is a win!

You can check out Rebelle here.


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