Daily Luxuries

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You know the products that just make you feel luxurious? Those are perhaps my favourites to use, not only are they effective and excellent quality but they also elevate low or tired moods simply by being so darn luxury. Whilst doing my makeup this morning I noticed that there are a handful of new in products that have creeped up and become daily staples whilst also being quick and easy to apply so thought I’d share them with you!

The first is this nifty little pen by Dior, it has two sides – one is like a highlighter and it is a soft cream shadow in an irredescent champagne aptly named ‘shell’ that I just sweep on and requires minimal blending, the other side has a liner in the most gorgeous bronze that packs a punch with pigment and looks like something Honey Ryder from Dr No would sport. The end result is a Summery defined but not overly made up eye that has that Dior je ne sais quoi. I’ve then been applying lashings of their newest launch – the Dior Pump’n’Volume mascara which essentially renders false lashes obsolete as it’s so darn good, and rather fun too! The last Dior product that I’ve been reaching for daily is the Lip Sugar Scrub which acts as both a lip exfoliator and matte lip balm that enhances the lips natural shade. This is ideal for applying over drying lipsticks to stop the dreaded flakey bits that accumulate in the middle, I also use this solo with a dash of lipliner for an every day no makeup/makeup look.

I’ve also been reaching for Tom Ford concealing pen which has a sponge tip that oozes out product and instantly makes hay fever puffy/exhaustion shadows disappear in favour of a light reflecting non-cakey formula which is like magic. I see this being part of my every day makeup bag (which I keep under my dining room table because lighting) for the foreseeable future. My fragrance du jour has been courtesy of La Gent – a super cool e commerce platform that sources premium and luxury brands and items globally to curate an edit of gorgeous bits and pieces – they are the only stockist of hip LA based fragrance brand Maison Louis Marie which ships to the UK. Their scent Bois De Balincourt 04 has become my signature scent, I get stopped everywhere by friends and strangers alike to get asked what fragrance I’m wearing which can only be a good thing. It smells both clean and fresh and musky and woody at the same time – a true chameleon of a scent as it is non seasonal, it just smells like coolness bottled, you need to try it immediately and thank me later! (You can find the scent here).

That’s it for now, what are some of your favourite daily luxuries?



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