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So the other week I was in Waitrose doing a food shop when I was (as per usual) drawn towards the ‘beauty’ aisle (as I have dubbed it- far more glamorous sounding than toiletries). I was greeted by a glittering aray of very non-supermarket-esq products; Korres, Yes to Carrots and Balance Me all waiting patiently for absent minded shoppers to throw them into their shopping baskets perhaps without realizing their semi-luxury prices.

I’ve only ever tried a few Balance Me products and have never seen any amazing results but I was going through a particular annoying week of bad skin so I was intrigued to see their Congested Skin Serum £16 15ml which claimed to be an ‘on the spot’ non-drying gel with organic anti-bacterial properties. Sold. I hate nothing more than the overly drying regular spot gels which are designed for teen acne that dry the spot out so much that it causes two new ones to reform.

Instead of applying it like a regular serum to the whole face and before moisturiser I do my normal skincare routine, let my moisturiser sink in for a few minutes and then apply a pumps worth to the areas where I may have redness/whiteheads or brewing spots and then awake to an even complexion. I’d say that the treatment works best on small blemishes as it stops them in their tracks, however the large, mean, painful cystic ones seem too stubborn (although the serum does reduce redness around them). I’m yet to find a suitable treatment for the big mean ones!

I’d definitely recommend this product for crops of small almost milia-esque breakouts, redness or just minor blemishes/imperfections as it’s guilt free (I hate using strong topical treatments on small breakouts) and leaves you with clearer, glowing and non-dried out skin!



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