Sophisticated Post -Sun


Everything is a little more polished in St Tropez than other Summer holiday destinations. I always dress up for breakfast, make sure my bikini and cover up are perfectly but not too perfectly matched, and that my tangle teezer is always close to hand to avoid matted locks. So in terms of post sun, it’s a little more swish than my usual holiday look of “wash’n’go”. I have to ensure that my locks are perfectly kempt and as shiny as a Kardashian’s.

For a starter, it’s no surprise that all of these products are French brands. I love showering with Clarins shower gel as it is super zingy and wakes me up before a big dinner or night out. I then spray the Klorane Brilliance Intense detangler/heat protector/super duper shine spray. It smells gorgeous and works a dream on matted hair and is ideal for spritzing pre blow drying your main and/or tonging it . If it’s a night when I’m skipping shampoo and conditioner (both Clarins invigorating shampoo and conditioner – amazing), then I use the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for Oily hair. It works a dream, departs a huge amount of white residue, but is easily brushed away in seconds. You basically know this stuff is going to keep your hair voluminous and grease free all night long. I use the mini Bioderma to get rid of any really stubborn waterproof mascara left over from the beach, and find it does the trick wonderfully. All in all these products still make me feel holiday-ish but just a slicker, swisher and more sophisticated holiday self!


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