Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers

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With less than ten days to go until the big day it’s time to take a breather from the big pressies and focus on the little gifts that you’ll be furtively popping into stockings or indeed exchanging this Friday with your work colleagues – yes it’s secret santa time! My favourite idea for secret santa this year are these touch screen gloves from Muji not only are then only £12 but they come in a variety of colours and are literally a god send for those of us (all of us!!) that struggle with the whole touch screen/glove/cold hand vicious cycle. These will be a sure hit! 

For those who fancy a little bit of beauty this Superdry lips and tips is ideal – gorgeous sugary pink it will please beauty junkies young and old as who doesn’t love a gorgeous nail polish and lipgloss combo?

For something truly festive, look no further than Liz Earle who have produced an array of Christmas star tree decorations with miniatures of their hit products inside. These two with the cult Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish and this gorgeous lipstick are perfect for Liz Earle fans.

Everyone loves a pamper, but not everyone can afford to schlep all the way to a spa, or indeed to think of treating themselves to a few indulgent products. This gift set from Sanctuary is perfect for the stressed out mum/sister/colleague who would relish in taking a few extra moments to herself. Sanctuary products not only smell delicious but feel luxurious.




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